BiG Sound Textline

Wherever you are, whatever BiG SOUND fm station or VRN AM you're listening to, you can send a text message. Type the frequency without the period, then your message, then send to 0906-205-1-BiG (+639062051244). Example: 1015 Hi DJ! then send it to 09062051244. That message will be sent to 101.5 BiG SOUND fm Cabanatuan City. Don't forget to put a space between the keyword (e.g. 1015) and your message.

You can also register so we may know you better and for you to participate in promos. To register, type the keyword of your favorite BiG SOUND fm station, (space) REG (space) your name/M or F/yyyymmdd (bday)/address then send to 0906-205-1-BiG. Example: 953 REG Juan dela Cruz/M/19610125/Cauayan City, Isabela. If you're a listener of another BiG SOUND fm station, change 953 to the appropriate frequency (just the numbers without the period).

To remember the textline, click on this link and sing the tune.

Text the following keywords to reach your favorite station:

1015   -> 101.5 BiG SOUND fm, Cabanatuan City

953     ->  95.3 BiG SOUND fm, Cauayan City, Isabela

959     ->  95.9 BiG SOUND fm, Baguio City

1005   -> 100.5 BiG SOUND fm, Tuguegarao City

1013   -> 101.3 BiG SOUND fm, Solano/Bayombong, N. Vizcaya

1055   -> 105.5 BiG SOUND fm, San Fernando City, La Union

887     ->  88.7 BIG RADIO, Tagbilaran City, Bohol

1188   -> 1188kHz, DZXO-AM, Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija

1395   -> 1395kHz, DWMG-AM, Solano/Bayombong, N. Vizcaya

For other keywords, type LIST then send to 0906-205-1244.

It is FREE to text us if you are subscribed to an unlimited text/sms promo of your telco. Regular charges apply to those who are not subscribed to their telco's promos.

Note: When you send a message to the BiG SOUND Textline, you may receive a reply coming from the same number or 0906-454-1244. We may add more numbers as incoming messages increase, and the official numbers will be posted on this site. Any other number used to send a reply using the brand of BiG SOUND fm or Vanguard Radio Network other than those listed here are not official.


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